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At the earliest opportunity, valuable information shall be
gathered regarding a case.  Delay in obtaining this
information can have a negative impact on the worker's
claim.  Mr. Peterlin can inform the injured worker what
needs to be done and assist them in doing it.  
You need an experienced attorney on your side
The area of workers' compensation can be confusing, but
with proper legal explanation the injured worker and
family will know their rights and what to expect.  

No fee is paid with workers' compensation cases until the
client collects.  Mr. Peterlin encourages injured workers
needing representation to be in touch with his office at the
earliest opportunity and to take advantage of the "no
charge for a consultation".  

During this initial conference, the worker's questions can
be answered and rights explained.   
The employer and their insurance company have access to
a legal staff that guides them through the process as they
deal with the injured worker.  It only makes sense, and
also levels the playing field, if the injured worker has legal
advice at the earliest opportunity.  This advice will
provide security and peace of mind in dealing with the
unfortunate situation in which the injured worker finds
him or her self as a result of the injury.  An injured
worker wants to make sure they are not "injured again" in
the process, by not knowing their rights.  
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